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 I want to set my email to download to Outlook/Thunderbird/other email client. How do I do this?

Click on EMAIL ACCOUNTS in your cPanel. Your email account(s) will be listed here. Click the...

 I saw this other company that offers a million gigabytes of space and bandwidth. You don’t offer anywhere near that much, how come?

The old adage is definitely true in this case: Bigger is not always better. Having a million...

 I need more space and/or bandwidth than your hosting plans have. Is this possible?

We can customize a plan just for your needs. Just contact us and we’ll get you set up.

 You guys are a pretty small company. There’s this other place that’s a really big company and they only change $3 a month. Why should I choose you over them?

If you feel more comfortable with a big impersonal company doing your hosting, that's perfectly...

 I bought a domain with you about a year ago and I think it’s expiring soon. What do I do now?

We will send you an invoice for domain renewal one month before the domain expiration date. It...

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