You guys are a pretty small company. There’s this other place that’s a really big company and they only change $3 a month. Why should I choose you over them?

If you feel more comfortable with a big impersonal company doing your hosting, that's perfectly fine. We like being a small company and plan on staying that way. Why? Well, because customer service is important to us. If we had a million customers there’s no way we could answer every one of your questions. As it is, if you submit a question or a support request you get a personal (read: not automated or templated) response from us on the same day, usually within a few hours or less. We work with you until your question is fully answered or you problem is completely fixed. What you don’t get is some random person who doesn’t know anything about you or your website. Staying small means we can stay familiar with all our customers and their websites and that means that if there’s a problem, we can fix it faster.
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