I saw this other company that offers a million gigabytes of space and bandwidth. You don’t offer anywhere near that much, how come?

The old adage is definitely true in this case: Bigger is not always better. Having a million gigabytes of bandwidth is great, but you know what? You’ll never use it. Offering that much sounds really good and it tricks people into thinking it’s better, but unless you're some kind of internet rockstar you’ll never need anywhere near the amount they offer.

If you have a normal blog or website with a decent sized audience you’d probably never need more than 50 gigabytes a month of bandwidth. As far as web space, normal website files take up a VERY small amount of space, so unless you post a lot of pictures (because they can take up a good bit of space) you would never need more than 1500 megabytes of space. Our current packages offer very reasonable amounts of space and bandwidth that will be more than enough for most website owners and bloggers. Of course, there are exceptions (ie if you are an internet rockstar or a photographer or blogger with lots of high resolution photos), but that’s why we can make a hosting package customized to your website’s content and audience.
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