Maintenance Plans

  • Maintenance Plan

    • For clients using WordPress (or any other CMS), we will make sure that your site is always updated with the newest and safest version of WordPress, as well as keeping all your plugins up to date and making sure your site is running at peak efficiency.
  • Hourly Support

    $50.00 USD bir dəfəlik
    İndi sifariş et
    • 1 hour of tech support or maintenance.

      Great for

      • WordPress and Plugin upgrades

      • Theme customization

      • Hacked site cleanups

  • Monthly Support

    $250.00 USD bir dəfəlik
    İndi sifariş et
    • Any task. Up to 8 hours of work per month.

      Great for

      • Ongoing content entry

      • Theme customization

      • Sending newsletters

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